Our Quality

Fishfa Agri World Ltd. has set up a state of the art peanut processing plant near Rajkot,Saurashtra. The machinery and equipment are set up to meet global standards and it is one of plant out of few which meets European standards of peanut processing. It can be ranked among the leading peanut processing plants located in India.

  • High quality buying wherein the quality of shelled peanuts are checked before unloading in our plant by sampling.
  • Buying from Our Contract Farmers giving us control over quality of cultivation and hence the Peanuts.
  • A long Multi stage totally automated processing wherein only the best peanuts make it to the packing stage. Normal plants have only 4-5 stages of processing, which limits the quality of peanuts exported.
  • No human touch in our processing plant.
  • The classification of peanuts takes place 4 times in total processing, which ensures that only the most suitable peanuts are exported. Rest of the peanuts are rejected much before packing.
  • Removal of dirt and other natural material takes place in 4 stages of processing eliminating all the unwanted material.
  • We are one of the very few who have metal removal facilities at two stages in the process. We have unique Color Sortex.
  • Our laboratory is fully equipped with cutting edged technology for testing of afflatoxin through Ultra modern machine TOXIMET-which is first in India in to this industry.
  • Third Party verification through dependable agencies assures you of quality of goods loaded for export.
  • We have automated packing machine, coupled with a stitching machine.